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Serving law enforcement
agencies around the world for
more than 30 years.

It’s more than big data and analytics

It’s about improving the world
and keeping safe the places people call home.

There are heroes out there making the world a better place to live, day-after-day. PenLink believes enabling those heroes not only makes their jobs easier but also makes our lives more secure.

Massive quantities of data are most helpful when it is easily consumable, and we have spent the last 30-years perfecting our technology to do just that: bring organized information to the forefront and to make data point connections that could crack a case wide open. Our products pull together a more visual landscape of data, making it easier to sort and dissect, so law enforcement agencies can find the evidence they need to bring criminals to justice.


The combined investigation power of all our collection and analysis tools into one all-inclusive platform.
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Our complete solution for Internet-based communication collection and analysis. Find more answers, more quickly, from today’s most sophisticated communication channels.
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Data Science

We go beyond collecting and analyzing large sets of communication data to bring you a fuller and clearer understanding of unique and complex problems.
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