Pen-Link, Ltd.
In business for over 20 years, Pen-Link, Ltd. provides Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies with state-of-the-art software and systems for the collection, storage, and analysis of telephonic- and IP-based communications. Pen-Link’s software and systems -- Pen-Link 8, LINCOLN, and Xnet -- are widely recognized as industry standards, with thousands of licensed Law Enforcement and Intelligence users in federal, state, and local agencies worldwide. Pen-Link systems are widely favored because they not only excel at intelligence gathering and live collection, but they also bring to bear a powerful suite of reporting and analytical tools; the type of functionality that is essential in drilling down through today’s extensive data sets to reveal relationships that might otherwise go undetected.
Telephonic Communications

Pen-Link software meets all of your telecom collection and analysis needs:

  • Historical Records (tolls, CDRs)
  • Pens and Wires
  • Wide Area Network Distribution
  • Cell Phone Forensics
  • Powerful Reporting, Charting, and Mapping
Internet / IP-Based Communications

Pen-Link Xnet meets all of your IP-based communications collection and analysis needs:

  • Autoload Historical Records (e.g., search warrant data from online providers)
  • Autoload Packet Data
  • Autoload Log Files from various network elements
  • IP Pens and Wires
  • Content Decoding and Reconstruction
  • Powerful Reporting and Charting


Pen-Link CIA 2014

Do you use Pen-Link technologies? If so, then you should consider attending this year's Pen-Link CIA Technology and Training event! Get the latest information on Pen-Link technologies, including the new PLX; attend hands-on training sessions; and network with other Pen-Link users from everywhere! Click here to learn more!
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September 3 - 5 :: Vail, CO


September 9 - 12 :: Seattle, WA

Upcoming Training
:: Pen-Link 8.2 Update ::

Version  ::  June 11, 2014

:: LINCOLN 2.2 Update ::

Version  ::  June 11, 2014

:: Pen-Proxy Update ::

Version  ::  June 9, 2014

Top Tips
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I received Cell Towers from a phone company and would like to put them in Pen-Link. Can I load cell towers into Pen-Link? If so, what are the steps to loading the file?

:: Server Migration ::

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