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Live Collection

Collect and monitor data from phones, social media, or email

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Load data from any communications, surveillance or forensics provider

Advanced Analysis

Query across cases and analyze data from a single, unified view

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Overlay financial records, audio surveillance, tracking data, and more

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Live Collection

With PLX, your live collection move as quickly as your targets. Ours is the only solution in the industry that enables live collection of both phone and Internet-based interactions, including social media and messaging apps for near-real-time and real-time intelligence. Monitor a target’s social media and email activity while waiting for the next live phone call without missing a beat.

Historical Collections

Supporting over 600 providers and more than 1,500 file types, PLX gives your investigators the ideal solution to normalize disparate datasets with one click. Whether you’re loading CDRs, social media search-warrant returns, Uber app data, or mobile forensics data, PLX allows you to analyze any combination of data at once.

Analytical Capabilities

With the ability to analyze millions of data points in minutes, your investigators can query across cases, find commonalities, and identify behavioral patterns, all from a unified view. Quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions in your investigations, including “Whom is my target communicating with?” “What is my target sending and receiving on their device?” and “Where is my target?”


PenLink offers the most advanced mapping capabilities on the market. PLX’s unified maps include a wide variety of functions that let you easily identify locations for multiple targets and personalize each map to fit your needs. Boost your mapping capabilities by leveraging our latest features, including 3D mapping and geo-temporal visualization.

Mobile Companion

Take your investigations on the road. With the PenPoint mobile companion, your investigators have access to all the data in your PLX system for fully functional and secure electronic surveillance.