Find the answers you’re looking for with PLX

Collect, normalize, and analyze complex data more quickly and efficiently with PLX by PenLink. See why PLX is the industry-preferred solution for communications and digital evidence collection and analysis.

A Comprehensive Platform, Customized for You

The volume and complexity of today’s data requires leveraging technology to get impactful answers. PLX provides agencies with a customized solution to fit every need, regardless of size or budget. From phone and social-media intercepts to historical autoloads, PLX offers flexibility in one comprehensive platform.

Live Collection

Collect and monitor data from phones, social media, or email

Historical Autoloads

Load data from any communications, surveillance, or forensics provider

Advanced Analysis

Query across cases and analyze data from a single, unified view

Superior Integrations

Overlay financial records, audio, tracking data, and more

See the Whole Picture with PLX

PLX includes a powerful, easy-to-use, and flexible array of collection, reporting, and analytical tools to reveal connections, trends, and relationships that might otherwise go undetected. Overlay and normalize data from all types of providers—Internet-based, phone, surveillance, and forensics—in one platform.

Collect and Normalize

Whether you’re conducting live collection or loading historical data, PLX ingests and normalizes native file formats and live-delivery standards from virtually any communications service provider. Enabled with a single-step loading process, PLX can ingest and normalize data without manual manipulation.

Analyze and Visualize

Equipped with the most innovative capabilities in the market, PLX allows you to analyze data from virtually any communications, surveillance, or forensics data provider. Investigators can analyze data immediately and build tailored, court-ready visualizations in minutes.

Go Mobile with PenPoint

Take your investigations on the road. Access data collected by PLX directly on your phone for secure location-based electronic surveillance, wherever you are. Receive real-time notifications for new calls or pings, get directions to your targets’ locations, and more.