Build Stronger
Cases in One

Collect, normalize, and analyze complex data more quickly and efficiently with PLX by PenLink. See why PLX is the industry-preferred solution for communications and digital evidence collection and analysis.

Industry-preferred Investigative Solutions

PLX offers investigators the flexibility to do everything from conducting live collections to analyzing historical data, all in one comprehensive platform. Regardless of agency size or budget, PLX can be customized to fit your needs.

Live Collection

Collect and monitor data from phones, social media, or email

Historical Autoloads

Load data from any communications, surveillance, or forensics provider

Advanced Analysis

Query across cases and analyze data from a single, unified view

Superior Integrations

Overlay financial records, audio, tracking data, and more

Our Customers Say It Best

“Properly leveraging the unique capabilities of PLX allows us to more effectively analyze and visualize our forensic extractions, subpoena results, email, and social-media returns, and improve counter-network capabilities.”

“I have used PLX heavily to cross-queue disparate datasets (social media, CDRs, cell site, PCMD). Doing so saved me a lot of analytical man-hours.”

“PenLink listens. They are listening when we make suggestions. I love all of the new updates, the customer service is amazing. For that reason, I don’t see us ever moving to another company.”

“I use PLX every day! It is a tool that no department should be without.”