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For over 35 years, PenLink has supported agencies around the world in their tireless efforts to create stronger, safer communities. Investigators need reliable tools, cutting-edge analytics, and an innovative partner who can help them act on enormous amounts of data faster.

PenLink delivers deep industry knowledge and mission-critical support to increase your positive case outcomes. We’re American-made with a global reach, and we proudly serve those who serve us all.


Municipalities serving populations from 800 to 8 million


Task forces, state agencies, fusion centers, and more


Counterterrorism, border security, intelligence agencies, and more


National police and international cooperative organizations


1986- PenLink is founded and releases a first-to-market software for automating the collection and analysis of pen register data


1994- The Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (“CALEA”) is enacted

1998- LINCOLN live collection system is released

2000s 2010s

2012- PLX is launched, combining historic and live collection for telephone and IP communications in one platform

2019- PenPoint, a mobile app linked to PLX, is released


2020- PLX is deployed as a country-wide live-collection solution in Indonesia—the company’s single largest deployment ever

2021- PLX Connect is released, enabling cross-agency communication

2022- PenLink announces a partnership with Lancaster County and the City of Lincoln to develop a records-management system

2022- PenLink is acquired by Spire Capitol Investments

2022- PenLink acquires GeoTime