Digital Intelligence

Only PenLink has the power to combine digital intelligence and judicially obtained evidence in one platform—giving you the insight you need to accelerate investigations and decision-making.

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Digital Evidence

Information stored or transmitted by electronic devices and digital sources that aids investigations.

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Open-source Intelligence

Intelligence sourced from publicly available information, including the open, deep and dark web.

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Data Analytics

Fusion and analysis of data to generate insights, reveal hidden connections and trigger alerts.

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Live Collection

Your live collection moves as quickly as your targets. PenLink is the only solution in the industry that enables live collection of both phone and internet-based interactions, including social media and messaging apps for near-real-time and real-time intelligence.


Open-source Intelligence

PenLink offers a comprehensive platform for the in-depth analysis of online data, facilitating rapid and automated investigations across the internet’s various layers, ensuring user safety and turning data into real-time, actionable intelligence for improved security and situational awareness.


Historical Collections

Supporting over 600 providers and more than 1,500 file types, PenLink is the ideal solution to normalize disparate datasets with one click. Whether you’re loading CDRs, social media search-warrant returns, Uber app data, or mobile forensics data, PenLink allows you to analyze any combination of data at once.


Analytical Capabilities

With the ability to analyze millions of data points in minutes, your investigators can query across cases, find commonalities, and identify behavioral patterns, all from a unified view. Quickly find answers to the most commonly asked questions in your investigations.


Financial and Corporate

When combating financial crimes, including data proliferation, global fraud, and cryptocurrencies, PenLink offers extensive data access and uses AI to unveil connections in criminal activities. Utilize real-time alerts and broad search capabilities across web layers and corporate databases for safeguarding your organization.

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