Maximizing Your Social Media Search-Warrant Returns

Social media providers can provide you with endless amounts of data and insights—but only if you know what to ask for. Join internet-communications expert Scott Tuma for this OnDemand webinar as he highlights the data available by search warrants from today’s most popular providers.

Learn how to properly request and acquire data with historical search warrants. Plus, discover the efficiency that PLX provides you for saving time and avoiding frustration while analyzing the returns.

Featured Topics: 

  • Apple iCloud:  Discover what you can learn with a backup request, device information, and more.
  • Google: Learn about precision location, device information, photo storage, Google Drive and Docs, searches, and much more.
  • Facebook: Look beyond images to see conversations, historical precision location, and location data.
  • Snapchat: Unveil the wealth of knowledge discoverable via messages, conversations, digital media, and precision location.

Plus, get more important tips to help you think outside the box and reveal key insights.