Find Value In Interagency Connections

Early adopters of PLX Connect, the recently released PLX feature that allows for interagency connections, are finding value in being able to cross-reference data from other databases. Users have learned that sharing data with fellow agencies in a safe and secure way has extreme benefits. Many of the early adopters have gained greater insight into current cases with cross-agency deconfliction and have seen higher rates of closed cases, more efficient investigations, and improved officer safety.

The benefits to utilizing PLX Connect are numerous, but a few are outlined here:

Tap into Cross-agency Intelligence

Enjoy having the ability to access a larger search database and learn whether a communication ID exists in a case open at another agency. You will also be able to discover whether your target is currently under investigation by another agency.

Securely Gain Insights

The developers at PenLink have already thought through the need for safeguarding your information, so rest assured that end-to-end encryption has been utilized to ensure informational integrity. You will only be able to connect with another agency and safely query other PLX systems if an authorized connection has been established.

Manage Accessibility

An exciting feature of PLX Connect is that you can control who requests information from your own agency. PLX Connect uses a multi-step registration process, giving users complete confidence in community security. This allows you to review and either approve or deny any connection requests before they are established.

Technology is getting smarter—and therefore, today’s criminals are getting smarter, and using all resources within their reach. Why not up your game and join forces with a neighboring agency, cross-reference their database with yours, and look for commonalities or trends that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Having this additional information can help you close your cases faster and more efficiently.

Visit and discover how to leverage cross-agency analysis to save valuable time and reduce effort for your team.