Empowering Success: A Proactive and Personalized Approach to Customer Success

For over three decades, PenLink has been committed to delivering best-in-class service to our customers. Throughout the years, we’ve tailored our approach to service around what our partners have told us they need, prioritizing responsiveness and quick resolutions to challenges that arose.

And when the whirlwind of COVID-19 struck, we didn’t stick to the old playbook. Instead, we shifted gears from traditional tech support to truly connecting with our partners and helping them navigate the challenges of new investigative styles, including remote implementations.

As PenLink continues to expand its solution offerings, we have identified the need to reimagine our support and service yet again. As such, we are excited to share that PenLink now has a dedicated Customer Success team. This team, composed of many of the service and support specialists you have come to know and respect, will focus on building even deeper relationships with our customers to help you achieve your goals.

Urgency and Dedication: A Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Approach

What sets our Customer Success team apart is its practical focus on urgency and dedication. We recognize the immediate and critical nature of law enforcement and intelligence needs, crafting an approach that goes beyond routine support. Our commitment is to provide timely tools and hands-on assistance.

Personalized Support at the Heart

At the core of our customer success plan is providing personalized support. This involves closely monitoring product usage, proactively assisting agencies, and suggesting additional tools to enhance investigative capabilities. Our aim is to be a proactive partner, understanding and meeting the unique needs of each agency and government body.

Sales and Success: A Feedback Loop

Collaboration between our Sales and Customer Success teams is not just a formality—it’s a necessity. This ensures a smooth transition for agencies, from making a purchase to fully understanding how to utilize the full aspect of their tools. It allows us to nurture practical relationships, and ultimately enhances the overall customer experience within our partnerships. Our goal is to build lasting partnerships that genuinely contribute to the success of our partners.

Adapting to the Digital Frontier: Collaborative Growth with Cobwebs Technologies

As more law enforcement investigations have shifted to the digital realm, our Customer Success team has broadened its support to cover all communication aspects, including social media investigations and open-source intelligence. This aligns with the trend of criminal activities increasingly moving online, and we’re committed to supporting our partners in this digital evolution.

Our integration with Cobwebs Technologies marked a significant milestone for us, not just in strengthening our Customer Success methods, but in scaling up our structure and gaining strategic insights. This collaboration better equips us to address the needs of the law enforcement technology field, serving governments and the intelligence community with the same dedication.

Future Prospects: Growing and Strengthening Bonds

Looking forward, our sights are set on the continued growth and success of our customers. Plans include expanding our Customer Success team, bringing in a broader range of expertise, and deepening our relationships with our customers. We aspire to be a company known for our commitment and the meaningful role we play in solving cases for all of our partnering agencies, both large and small.

Our journey in Customer Success reflects our dedication to adapting to the evolving needs of law enforcement partners, governments, and the intelligence community. From technical support to a hands-on, customer-focused approach, PenLink’s Customer Success team remains a vital asset in the ever-changing landscape of law enforcement technology. Our integration with Cobwebs Technologies solidifies our position as a leader in providing practical customer success in the field of law enforcement. Together, we will continue to grow, adapt, and make a real impact for governments, law enforcement, and the intelligence community.