Best Practices For Managing Communication Data: Streamlining Investigations With Flags And Labels

Have you ever wondered, where do I start with analyzing the massive amounts of communication data that’s available to criminal investigators and analysts?  Join Paul Swartz as he presents the methods used by the agents, analysts, and T-III monitors at the HIDTA Task Force in Hampton, Virginia. See how they collect historical and prospective communications data such as T-IIIs, Cell Phone Forensic Files and IP content to enhance their investigative efforts through extensive use of Record Flags and Labels in PLX.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create Custom Record Flags and Labels
  • Utilize default and customized Record Flags to prioritize your communication records
  • Develop custom Labels to classify and categorize your communication records
  • Analyze your communication records using your newly created Custom Record Flags and Labels