2024 Kickoff: Unleashing Law Enforcement Resolutions with PenLink Power

As we jump into the new year, it’s time for law enforcement agencies to consider practical resolutions for the challenges posed by modern investigations. As a leader in investigative and intelligence-gathering technology, PenLink suggests three key resolutions to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and success in 2024.

Invest in Your People: Combat Burnout and Embrace Digital Literacy

Digital evidence is crucial for solving modern crimes. To utilize it effectively, agencies must prioritize the well-being of their investigators and provide ongoing training on the latest digital forensics techniques.

Address Burnout: Combat burnout by taking advantage of tools like PenLink that allow you to automate processes that would otherwise need to be done manually. Use features like Image Tagging to sift through thousands of images instantly to find those of importance to your investigation, or use the Translation feature to easily break down language barriers within evidence, lightening your load.

Embrace Digital Literacy: Commit to staying on the cutting edge of investigative strategy by using resources like PenLink’s Learning Library, filled with hundreds of modules, webinars, and training classes all designed to make the user more efficient and confident in running an investigation. It is vitally important for investigators to always learn the most up-to-date information about digital investigations and intelligence gathering.

Connect the Dots: Integrate PenLink for Seamless Investigations

Time is critical during investigations. Look for ways to integrate PenLink into your existing workflows to expedite operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Streamline Digital Evidence Processing: Use the tagging and labeling features within PenLink to make investigations a breeze. These features allow the user to highlight important evidence and show connections between data points, keeping all your digital evidence organized and easily digestible.

Analyze All Case Data Efficiently: Utilize PenLink to simplify the analysis of all the different kinds of digital evidence you’re collecting. From ride-share data and license-plate tracker information to Netflix account and financial data, all digital evidence can be loaded into PenLink and analyzed simultaneously to get a full picture of your target’s movements and patterns. By uploading all of your digital evidence into one platform and analyzing different data sources together, you’ll be able to streamline your investigations by eliminating the need to move between programs.

Become Collaborative: Leverage PenLink for Information-Sharing

Effective law enforcement relies on strong partnerships between all agencies. In 2024, break down silos and facilitate seamless information-sharing among agencies.

Facilitate Collaboration: Utilize tools like PLX Connect to collaborate with other agencies. Using a secure connection and only connecting to the agencies you choose, you can work together on complex cases that cross agencies and jurisdictions.

Use an Intelligence Compass: Utilize PenLink’s newest partnership with Cobwebs Technologies by integrating their OSINT strategies into your investigative workflows. Utilize Tangles to follow all possible leads for your investigation to determine which search warrants you’ll need to request. This can compliment traditional investigative methods, positioning Tangles as a compass to inform the direction you should pursue with possible case leads. Then, autoload all subpoenaed data—both phone- and social media–based—within PenLink’s analytical tools to investigate further.

As you prepare for whatever 2024 may bring, know that PenLink stands ready to support you and other law enforcement agencies, both in the United States and globally, in your fight to safeguard our communities. By investing in your agency’s people, connecting the dots with PenLink, and fostering collaboration, you can help your agency enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in solving crimes. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of transformative achievements in the pursuit of justice.

If you’d like to know more about how PenLink products can help you stick to these resolutions and make your investigations easier this year, contact our team here for a demo.