Xnet: IP analysis

import and analyze ip communications

The Xnet training course is for the Xnet software user who wants to expand their knowledge of IP communications and analysis. The primary focus of the Xnet training course is to educate on the vast number of IP communications that can be captured and loaded into Xnet. This course is a must for intelligence analysts, technical investigators, computer forensics departments and ICAC personnel.

See the TOPICS COVERED in this course below.



Our instructors and technicians are always flexible in tailoring course content to the needs of the course participants. In general, however, the Xnet class will cover the following topics, each with a set of hands-on exercises for the student to complete at his or her individual computer:

Module overview

Learn what’s stored in the different Xnet modules: IP Live Sessions, Historical Sessions, Subjects, and IP Communications.

data import

Learn several features that save time in manual data entry, including customization.

Configuration Options

Learn how to create user profiles, user groups, data management and organization.


Learn to use several built-in module reports to query and display IP Communication records in different ways.

custom Reporting

Learn how to create your own customized reports to search and display data according to your preferences.


Learn how to autoload various internet service company file formats into the database for analysis.


Learn how to generate and customize various types of charts to create graphical representations of your data.


Learn how raw packet communications are delivered from an Internet Service Provider in real time.