Understanding Apple iCloud: How to Request and Analyze Historical Returns

By now you know that you can request historical data from Apple iCloud. You may even know the type of information this request will get you. But do you know how to start? Join internet communications expert Scott Tuma for a deep dive into Apple iCloud data and using PenLink to analyze the returns.

In this session you will learn how to write a legal request to Apple and what will be returned to you. Plus, deep dive into the historical data from numerous Apple services, learn what information can be gathered from live Apple intercepts, and how to use PenLink to locate third party encrypted apps data in your warrants.

Topics Include:

  • Specific examples of content that Apple iCloud warrants can provide.
  • Details on the legal process of requesting historical Apple iCloud information.
  • Receiving files and decrypting the data
  • Value of PenLink’s state-of-the-art autoload, analysis, and decryption capabilities that save time and frustration.
  • Plus, tips and tricks on how to bypass common struggles with large datasets.