Surrey & Sussex Police Selects PenLink for Digital Investigations

Surrey & Sussex has chosen PenLink, the leading provider of digital investigation intelligence, to be their partner force-wide.

British police at a summer festival

LINCOLN, NE, USA (May 1, 2023)—The Surrey & Sussex Police in the United Kingdom has chosen PenLink, the leading digital investigation platform developer and provider of mission-critical communications analysis tools for law enforcement, to be their preferred partner force-wide.

The new GeoTime Enterprise by PenLink system will support hundreds of investigators and analysts force wide, enabling them to quickly ingest, map, analyze, and report on the many sources of data they use for investigations and intelligence cases. By bringing together different types job functions on a single platform will position Surrey & Sussex at the forefront of policing in the UK.

The Surrey & Sussex Police will be joining other forces across the UK in their use of PenLink’s industry leading technology, which is enhancing the way data analysis and reporting with the use of unique visualization and handling of large volumes of data.

“PenLink is proud to support the digital investigative needs of the international law enforcement community, and we are honored to serve Surrey and Sussex in their effort to keep their communities safe,” said Frank Ignazzitto, Chief Revenue Officer for PenLink. “The volume of data in today’s investigations can be overwhelming. PenLink will assist Surrey and Sussex in reducing that burden by providing a solution to streamline analysis and quickly identify key insights that will lead to higher case clearance rates and more convictions.”

With the amount of data used in criminal investigations growing at an accelerated rate, PenLink’s digital investigation platform helps on multiple fronts with support for law enforcement data sources, handling of large cases, powerful visualization tools for analysis and presentation tools for effective prosecutions. PenLink and its UK-based partner JTOL is training over 400 users as part of the system’s deployment.

About PenLink

Founded in 1986, PenLink ( is a leading developer and provider of mission-critical communications and digital evidence collection and analysis software to federal, state, and regional law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and internationally. In addition to its flagship platform, PLX, PenLink also offers enhanced add-on capabilities, including the PenPoint mobile app, the PLX Connect inter-agency data-exchange network, and artificial intelligence–driven advanced analytics. PenLink recently acquired GeoTime, expanding the company’s mapping and geo-temporal visualization capabilities and cloud-based services.

PenLink has a 35-year history of serving law enforcement agencies in their mission to fight wrongdoing. PenLink is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, with satellite offices in Washington, D.C., USA, and Toronto, Canada.