PLX Advanced

The PLX Advanced course is intended for the experienced PLX user who has either attended PLX101, or has used our software extensively and wants to expand their PLX skills.  The focus of the PLX Advanced course is to build a set of advanced skills and encourage a new way of thinking. Topics include tips on batch deep search, tower dumps, writing regular expressions, Cellebrite extraction analysis and case specific scenarios. The course emphasizes hands-on experience, where students work in groups to resolve real-life case scenarios.

This is an intermediate level course, which means you must be proficient in PLX. If you have not attended a PLX101 course, or do not have equivalent field experience, this course is not recommended.

See the TOPICS COVERED in this course below.



Our instructors and technicians are always flexible in tailoring course content to the needs of the course participants.
In general, however, the PLX Advanced course will cover the following topics, each with a set of hands-on
exercises for the student to complete at his or her individual computer:

overview and review

Review navigation of the user interface, case creation, autoloading, subject creation and searching.

batch deep search

Review Batch Deep Search functionality and apply some new methods to effectively search for key numbers and run reports.

tower dumps

Learn what they are, how they can help you generate leads and how tower dumps function in PLX.

interactive grid review

Review the functionality of the Interactive Grid and how to uncover certain behaviors of targets and contacts.

location mapping

Learn what kind of location data carriers provide, how this data is populated in PLX and how to map call record and subject addresses. 


Learn how to write regular expressions and how to use them in PLX to find types of data admist different types of records (calls, emails, social media). 

celebrite extraction

Review basic Cellebrite functionality,  the data that Cellebrite provides and how this information is displayed once loaded into PLX.


Review exporting of mapping links, the conversation export and HTML formatting.