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Third party connection

Look up telephone numbers

directly from the systems IN PLX

Pen-Proxy automates queries of collected phone numbers and location codes against third-party data services and can query third-party data providers to find a subscriber, porting history, and current carrier information.

Pen-Proxy offers live interfaces to such providers as CLEAR®, LexisNexis®, TARGUSinfo®, TransUnion®, Whooster®, and iConectiv®. 


With real-time call alerts, you can define a wide variety of alert trigger criteria and methods including audio, SMS, and e-mail alerts.


Query various third party databases for subscriber matches to phone numbers.  Complete subscriber queries on demand, one number at a time, or in batches.

i1020 Cell Tower Database

Use Pen-Proxy’s i1020 Cell Tower Database interface to look up the cell tower and sector location information for a target in real time as you collect live call data.