Pen-Link 8

Telecommunications collection and analysis

Industry standard telecommunications
intelligence and analysis software

A comprehensive interface for all of your telecommunication investigations.

Simplified File Uploading

Pen-Link 8 is capable of loading large quantities of communication data from an array of file types.

Live collection and monitoring

When used with LINCOLN2, pen register, and wiretap intercepts are collected in real-time for tracking, live monitoring, and analysis.

reporting capabilities

Pen-Link 8’s native reporting capabilities allow you to query, sort, and display standard or custom reports from one or more data sets.

charting tools

Pen-Link 8 includes an extensive set of charting tools for identifying data links, frequencies, timelines, and call associations.

Location Mapping

Plot cell site usage and precision location ping coordinates, whether collected in real time or from historic sources.


Interfaces with Everything, Explains All.

Pen-Link 8 incorporates several relational databases to provide a telecommunication software architecture that is unmatched in functionality and supports over 150 file interface formats, so you can focus on analysis and not on how to get call data, subscriber data, or internet data loaded into your software. When used with LINCOLN 2, call data and content are seamlessly integrated and made available for analysis, transcription, or reporting in real time, anywhere to any authorized user on your network.

All in One Software Saves You Time and Expense.

Each Pen-Link 8 database now has a built-in word processor for use in the large text fields that you use for synopses, transcripts, information, and notes. Fully integrated GIS mapping technology gives you pinpoint precision to show the location of every call, subject, or event. Multimedia capabilities let you load images, audio, and video into your databases. No other software application for law enforcement includes so many capabilities in one commercial off the shelf product.

Product Support

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