The PenLink 8 Advanced Class

The PenLink Advanced Class, or “PAC” for short, is intended for the experienced PenLink 8 user who has either attended CATS, or has used our software extensively and wants to expand their PenLink 8 skills.  The focus of the PAC course is to build a set of advanced skills and encourage a new way of thinking. Topics include autoloading unique phone company and IP packet files, cell towers, customizing reports, case management techniques, and case specific scenarios. The course emphasizes hands-on experience, where students work in groups to resolve real-life case scenarios.


This is an intermediate level course, which means you must be proficient in PenLink 8. If you have not attended a PenLink CATS course, or do not have equivalent field experience, this course is not recommended.

See the TOPICS COVERED in this course below.



Our instructors and technicians are always flexible in tailoring course content to the needs of the course participants.
In general, however, the PAC class will cover the following topics, each with a set of hands-on
exercises for the student to complete at his or her individual computer:

Database Management

Learn different approaches to using PenLink’s Custom Configurations to more effectively manage large volumes of data.

User profile controls

Learn the importance of the activation/deactivation date ranges, how to manage users/groups in a multi-user environment, assign administrative roles and apply group permission policies.

Advanced Reporting

Learn new ways to manipulate PenLink’s reporting capabilities to get the most out of database queries, filtering, and sorting. 

Customized Reporting

Learn how to modify and save PenLink Special Reports to create your own special analysis.


Learn advanced techniques to autoloading toll files and various IP packet files. Learn how to save time and import data from various external sources, like delimited and columnar file formats.

Case management

Learn how to manage a case in PenLink from start to finish, including how to export data. 

Cell Towers

Learn how to ask for cell tower location information, load a telephone company’s cell tower information and map calls with cell tower information. 


Learn new and advanced charting capabilities, such as event timelines, call association charts, and org link charts.