Live Social Media Collection and Analysis: Busting the Myths for Today’s Investigations

Busting the Myths for Today's Investigations

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Back by popular demand! Despite the wealth of information available on social media, there are many outdated beliefs about its usefulness and feasibility in investigations. In this webinar, internet communications expert Scott Tuma busts some of the most common myths surrounding live social media collection and analysis:

  • Myth 1: The cost of social media data collection is too high.
  • Myth 2: The setup and monitoring process is complex.
  • Myth 3: Social media data isn’t useful.
  • Myth 4: Most useful data disappears before you can get it.
  • Myth 5: It’s impossible to work with social media giants.

We are also joined by Doug Ridenour Jr. of the Modesto Police Department who will share best practices and discuss what’s next for live social media collection and analysis in criminal investigations.