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this is who we are

Why we
are here

To bring clarity to complex data for people who need impactful answers now.

Core Values

Act like an owner. Think like a customer.

Everything matters more.

Thoughts become things.

We dwell in possibility.

Monumental dreams come from monumental effort.

It’s the distinction between making a living and making a difference.

In the Mission.

It’s more than just showing up, it’s being on board.

No ego-doers.

It’s a team thing.

Our Benefits

Employee Owned

We act like owners because we are owners. Share in PenLink’s Employee Stock Ownership plan. No investment needed by you, but reap the benefits as PenLink continues to grow.


We put in the monumental effort to stay health and fit through our award-winning wellness program. Employees receive quarterly wellness bonuses by completing quarter fitness assessments and for a preventative appointment once a year.  

Parental Leave

 PenLink is invested in your family too. We offer 100% paid time off for both moms and dads to care for their new additions.

Getting to know your Coworkers

We check our egos at the door, and because it’s a team thing we want you to get to know your coworkers. Friday social hours, shuffleboard tournaments, and employee outings are just a few ways PenLink employees do just that.  


 Monumental effort results in monumental success for PenLink. We’ll share in that success and invest in your future success through our Profit Sharing contribution to your 401k plan.

Community Involvment

We’re in the mission of serving others so PenLink values its employees to do the same in their communities. Got an organization or cause that you are passionate about? PenLink will reward you for giving your time to that mission.  


 And of course, we offer your typical Health, Vision, Dental, Life and Disability insurance plans, with PenLink sharing in the cost of premiums. Employees also have the option to contribute to Health Savings Accounts.

Time Off

Monumental dreams can’t be created without a little R&R and we encourage employees to take advantage of their Paid Time Off. We also offer Unlimited Sick Leave so employees can take the time they need to heal, go to the doctor, or care for a sick family member.  


Office locations
(Lincoln, Boulder, DC)


Years Serving
Law Enforcement



Our Recruiting Process


Step 1:

Applying is super easy.
Just send us your resume.

Step 4:
candidate profile

Every candidate goes through a candidate profile to determine if they have the monumental effort it takes to do your job well. We’ll identify your strengths and how they may align with the position you are applying for. 


Step 2:
Phone interview

We want to get to know you better, hear about your experience, and why you want to be in the mission at PenLink.

Step 5:
second level interview

We’ll bring you in one more time to meet with another manager to determine if your thoughts can become things at PenLink. We’ll review our core values, benefits, and any questions you may have about PenLink. 

Step 3:
Hiring Manager Interview    

It’s a team thing, so we’ll pull one of our team members in to meet with you too. You’ll meet with a hiring manager to determine if you’ll fit on our team.  

Step 6:

If we think your monumental dreams will be a fit at PenLink, we’ll make you an offer. Hiring Managers will call you to make a verbal offer, and will follow-up with your official offer letter outlining your position, salary, and benefits.