Calls Analysis Training School

The Calls Analysis Training School, or “CATS” for short, is the foundational course for all PenLink 8 users. It is designed for the average user who has just begun to use PenLink 8. The primary focus of the CATS course is to provide an overview of the functionality of the software and to share best practices on how to use it. This course emphasizes hands-on experience, where students work in groups to resolve real-life case scenarios.

See the TOPICS COVERED in this course below.



Our instructors and technicians are always flexible in tailoring course content to the needs of the course participants.
In general, however, the CATS course will cover the following topics, each with a set of hands-on
exercises for the student to complete at his or her individual computer:

overview and layout

Navigate the basic layout of the software and understand how to access different functions.

Configuration Options

Learn how to configure user profiles, target formats for different countries, toolbar customization, and database directory paths.

Database layout

Learn what’s stored in the different PenLink databases: Calls, Subscribers, Events, Seizures, Case Management, City-Link, International, and OCN, including multimedia storage and Title III (wiretap) information.


Learn how to load call data collected by the Telephone Companies in various electronic formats into your PenLink database for analysis.


Learn how to use the database reports to query the different databases and display records in different ways.


Learn about database management utilities, including how to backup your databases, share data with others, delete database records, export/import ASCII data, search and replace fields.

customized Reporting

Learn how to create your own database reports for effective data communication. 

Mapping & Charts

Learn how to generate various charts and maps to see a graphical representation of your call and cell tower information. Learn how to export your charts to other applications.