Best practices for mapping and court preparedness

Ensuring your investigative efforts will withstand court proceedings is a crucial step in the legal process. Let us help you by accurately representing your data with science backed, law enforcement trusted, mapping tools and customizable features in PLX.

Instead of relying on record granulation in court presentations, confidently speak to the information you receive from phone company carriers and how that translates to records on a map with cell sector appearance options.

PLX has many options to display a cell sector, all reliable in court. You can choose between Azimuth, beam width, bead width and range, and all shading to drive your point home.

  • PLX gives you full control over mapped records by allowing you to specify precise information for a cell tower.
  • Quickly search for and find specific cell towers in your agencies PLX Cell Tower database by searching for IAP/Tower/Face or LAC/CID values.

Best Practices:  

  • Always use more than one data source for your location information. Examples include:
    • Calls
    • Pings
    • License plate readers
    • Social media
    • Media EXIF data
  • Display the azimuth of your cell sector rather than relying on estimated beam width and ranges
  • Use map callouts to display pertinent information directly on the map
  • Request time of arrival call records when available and include that information on your exports.