Class Descriptions

Pen-Link offers a wide range of hands-on classes to fit your training needs. Whether you are a Pen-Link "beginner" or a Pen-Link "master", you'll be able to find a class to get you started or to build upon the skills you already have. Read below to learn more about Pen-Link training opportunities.

PLX: 101 - Basic Analysis


PLX 101 welcomes beginning users to our updated communications-based software, PLX. This software combines the analysis and collection aspects from Pen-Link, LINCOLN, and Xnet into one program. The primary focus of PLX 101 is to provide an overview of the functionality of the software and to share best practices on how to use it. In addition, this class assists agents and analysts who are migrating from Pen-Link 8 to PLX. By utilizing real-life scenarios, participants return to the workplace confident in their skills and ready to utilize the benefits of this software more completely.


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Pen-Link 8: CATS

The Calls Analysis Training School, “CATS” for short, is the beginning class for Pen-Link 8 users. This class is designed for the average user who has just begun or perhaps has not yet started to use Pen-Link 8, and wants to learn how. The focus of CATS is to teach the user how to set up configurations, load data, run reports, and create simple graphics. This class provides users with the basic skills they need to catch criminals and keep our communities safe.

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Pen-Link 8: PAC

The Pen-Link Advanced Class, “PAC” for short, is for the experienced Pen-Link 8 user who has attended CATS or used our software extensively already, and wants to expand his or her Pen-Link 8 skills.  The focus of PAC is to build a set of advanced skills and encourage a way of thinking that helps the user unleash the full power of Pen-Link 8 software.  We cover topics like Autoloading Unique Phone Compnay and IP Packets, Cell Towers, Customizing Reports, Case Management Techniques, and Case Scenarios.

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Pen-Link 8: CSI

The Cell Site Intelligence course, or “CSI” for short, is intended for the intermediate Pen-Link 8 user who wants to learn the best-practice techniques of cell site analysis. The focus of the CSI course is to teach participants the methods of gathering cell site location information and how to incorporate that data into their investigation and analysis. The course emphasizes hands-on experience, where students will work in teams to resolve real-life case scenarios. The material covered in this class can be an essential skill needed to determine your target's location and to close your case. Upon completion of the CSI course, participants will return to the workplace with skills that provide them the extra edge in investigating cases where cell site information plays a key role.

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The LINCOLN Administrative Training class, or "LAT" for short, is for customers who wish to learn more about the administration and application of their LINCOLN Intercept System. The class covers the basics of CALEA-based or other network-based intercepts and how to use your LINCOLN System to conduct such intercepts. We address technical and administrative issues for Pen Register intercepts as well as wiretaps. The class includes lecture segments combined with hands-on lab exercises, for both pens and wires, using multiple service providers. This class can be tailored to Pen-Link 8 or PLX users.

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Live Collection

The Live Collection class is designed to equip users with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and analyze Pen Registers , Location Pings, and Title III cases where LINCOLN Systems are used. This class can be tailored for the Pen-Link 8 or PLX user. Instruction includes lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. 

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Xnet: IP Analysis


Xnet IP Analysis Training is for the Xnet software user who wants to expand their knowledge of IP communications and how they can be analyzed. The focus of the Xnet: IP Analysis class is to demonstrate the the vast number of IP communications that can be captured and loaded into Xnet. Our goal is to send people back to the workplace confident in their skills and ready to tackle the expanding world of IP communication.

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On-Site Training

The majority of our classes are actually hosted on-site by agencies who are looking to train a group of their own agents and analysts, or who would like to open the class to surrounding agencies. These classes can involve any combination of the courses mentioned above for either PLX or Pen-Link 8. For more information, contact Tarryn or Travis at 402-421-8857.

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Upcoming Events
:: PLX 1.9 Update ::

PLX 1.9.1  ::  February 8, 2017

:: Pen-Link 8.2 Update ::

Version  ::  November 06, 2016

:: LINCOLN 2.2 Update ::

Version  ::  December 02, 2016

:: Pen-Proxy Update ::

Version  ::  April 6, 2015

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