TeamViewer Remote Support
Welcome to the Pen-Link Remote Support Page. Help is just a few clicks away!

You've been directed to this page by a Pen-Link Support Technician so that we may assist you with a support issue by remotely accessing your computer. We gain this remote access at your discretion, and under your complete control, through our Pen-Link secured TeamViewer client.

Click here to download the remote client

After you click the download link above, depending on the web browser you're using and its settings, you may need to interact with a dialog box or information bar similar to the Internet Explorer box shown below (it will look different in different browsers).

Select the option to Run or Open the file. When you run the client software, a window will open that looks like the example below.

Provide the "Your ID" and "Password" values to the Pen-Link Support Technician. With that information, the technician will be able to establish a secure, encrypted, one-time connection to your computer, view your desktop, and assist you with your support request. When the support session has ended, simply close the application and the remote session will no longer be active or accessible.


We're as concerned about security as you are. That's why we chose TeamViewer as our case-by-case Remote Support solution. This TeamViewer client does not install an application on your computer. When you download and run the client, we can then connect to your computer while you retain full control at all times. When the session is over, you simply close the client and it's gone! No application left behind, nothing to uninstall, and no way for us to connect again until the next time you download and run the client and tell us the ID and Password.

All communication between your Pen-Link support technician and the TeamViewer client is encrypted using 256-bit AES and RSA private/public key exchange. The client software itself is secured using VeriSign code signing technology to verify the legitimate origin of the software.

For more information on the security of this product, please visit the security section of TeamViewer's website. For questions regarding our use of this product, please call our Technical Support group at (402) 421-8857, or .

:: PLX 1.12 Update ::

PLX  ::  November 20, 2017

:: Pen-Link 8.2 Update ::

Version  ::  November 06, 2016

:: LINCOLN 2.2 Update ::

Version  ::  December 02, 2016

:: Pen-Proxy Update ::

Version  ::  April 6, 2015

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