Pen-Link Version 8

The Pen-Link 8 Software Suite is the most recent release of our industry standard telecommunications intelligence and analysis software.  With the latest release, we have built on our long-standing tradition of providing interfaces for all types of telecommunication cases.  You will find state-of-the-art reporting and analysis tools in Pen-Link 8, plus many new features that enhance the value of your software investment right out of the box.  As soon as you fire it up, you will be amazed at Pen-Link 8's unequaled blend of power, functionality, and ease of use.  We are certain you will agree the features offered by Pen-Link 8 are unsurpassed.  The capabilities are endless and the support is the best in the industry.

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LINCOLN Collection Systems

LINCOLN provides a complete system solution for any CALEA-based or facilities-based (local loop) approach to electronic surveillance.  Our system encompasses hardware, software, and services to meet all of the intercept needs of an LEA.

The core LINCOLN System is built on server hardware and client/server software that is typically run on a Local Area Network (LAN) in the wireroom.  Our LINCOLN product is the LAN server, consisting of a LINCOLN Server Platform (hardware) running LINCOLN 2 Administrative Software.  The client workstations on the LAN run a network installation of Pen-Link software.

The LINCOLN Server is equipped with the hardware necessary to terminate the physical connections of the e interface for any carrier that offers CALEA-compliant delivery.  With these connections in place, the LINCOLN System essentially becomes a passive node on the telecommunication carriers’ networks, so that it may receive real-time intercept information delivered by the carriers, for any of the agency’s legally authorized intercepts.  The collection process itself is controlled by the Pen-Link 8 client software, which also offers a suite of unparalleled analytical capabilities.

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LINCOLN Collection Servers

>The LINCOLN Server is where all incoming CALEA CDC and CCC connections terminate.   LINCOLN routes live call data and call content to the appropriate Pen-Link workstations.  In a normal network setting, LINCOLN records all intercepted call content, making multiple redundant copies.  The LINCOLN Server also stores all data in Pen-Link’s database, providing central storage for the LAN.

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LINCOLN Access Points (LAP)

The advancement of CALEA, especially in wireless telephone applications, has caused many of the traditional "tip and ring" technical agents to reduce the number of pen register cases at a state and local law enforcement level because of costs.  Furthermore, in order for an analog tech agent to be effective in managing pen, trap & trace, and wiretap investigations, their skills must be centered in computer and networking technology.  Unfortunately, for many state and local law enforcement agencies, the costs and perhaps lack of technical skills to conduct CALEA based intercepts has forced them to abandon the use of pen register orders to gain valuable and timely intelligence on the target of an investigation.  If your agency has fallen into this category, we are here to let you know that now is the time to get back into the "pen" business.  We've developed a cost effective, cooperative law enforcement effort called LINCOLN Access Points (LAP) that will get you back into the "pen" business.

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The past year has seen several exciting new technological developments from Pen-Link, Ltd. As a result, we have several great new features to share with you! Keep reading to learn more about the new features in Pen-Link and how our new developments can make your job easier.

Pen-Proxy lets Pen-Link v8.1 and LINCOLN v2.1 communicate with various "outside" services, routing data to or from these services, providing you with enhanced intelligence and capabilities directly from within Pen-Link. Current Pen-Proxy features include the NeuStar LEAP Interface, i1020 Cell Tower Database, Real-Time Call Alerts and Precision Location Services.

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Upcoming Events
:: PLX 1.12 Update ::

PLX  ::  November 20, 2017

:: Pen-Link 8.2 Update ::

Version  ::  November 06, 2016

:: LINCOLN 2.2 Update ::

Version  ::  December 02, 2016

:: Pen-Proxy Update ::

Version  ::  April 6, 2015