Free Pen-Link Webinar: Exploiting Internet Communications
We are pleased to offer free webinars on Exploiting Internet Communications.

Who? These webinars will be conducted by Pen-Link personnel. They are open to personnel from all law enforcement agencies, and only to personnel from law enforcement agencies, whether current Pen-Link customers or not.

When? Each webinar takes approximately 2 hours and begins at 1:00 PM, Central time. Currently scheduled webinars appear in the table below, along with the number of seats still open for each date.

Where? We conduct our webinars through WebEx. Please see the Prepare for WebEx section at the bottom of the page to make sure your computer is ready for a WebEx session.

What? During each webinar, we will discuss the different types of communications often used by today's criminals, and how you can move beyond calls and texts to harness the power of your data to gain a broader, more complete understanding of the communication activity in your cases. We will cover several general concepts that will be broadly applicable, and we will also use PLX, the latest version of Pen-Link software, to demonstrate various approaches and techniques for collecting and analyzing a wide variety of internet-based communications data. The topics to be covered include:

  • Cell Phone Forensics - What You May Be Missing. You may already be loading data forensically extracted from cellular devices, looking at calls, texts, contacts, and multimedia. Did you know that such extractions may also contain valuable messaging from apps and social media services, including content? Learn how to use PLX to analyze the data you've already collected, but may not be currently using.
  • Sources. Learn the different sources of internet-based communications that are available to you and what kind of information you can get form them.
  • Search Warrants. Learn to use search warrants to get the full extent of internet communications data from today's top apps, services, and providers, including: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger, Gmail, Hotmail /, and Yahoo! Mail.
  • Internet + Phone. Learn how to use internet-based communication data in conjunction with the phone data you're already collecting to gain a broader understanding of your case's communications landscape.
  • Large Data Sets. Learn how to deal efficiently and effectively with the sheer volume of new data that you'll collect.
  • Compliance. Learn how to ensure that you are compliant when dealing with sensitive content.

Register. Please register for a webinar using the Webinar Registration form at the right of this page. After you register,further instructions on joining the webinar will be emailed to you well before the webinar begins, at the email address you provide in the registration form.

Preparing for WebEx
We conduct our webinars through WebEx. To participate, you will need access to the internet, and you will need to have the WebEx plugin installed for your preferred web browser. If you do not have the WebEx plugin, then your browser will attempt to download and install it the first time you join a WebEx meeting, but you must have administrative privileges on your computer for the plugin to be installed. Alternatively, you or your local system administrator can download, install, and test the plugin for your browser any time before the webinar, by joining the secure test meeting hosted by WebEx.
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